Immortal Fist: The Legend of Wing Chun

Kaya Cohen abandoned as a baby, and raised by her foster mom, learns she is the last remaining descendant of the Wing Chun bloodline. Upon finding out her true lineage she has to make a important sacrifice in order to restore the lineage and unlock her chi source. She is gifted with the ability to "cross servers" and becomes aware of 4 immortals who guard and protect her from the unseen world of Demon Banshees and Spirit War Lords. She crosses over into the immortal realm to meet her Grandmother, Wing Chun, who demands more of her than she can handle, but learns that her decisions affect everyone she loves, and that she is the key to restoring the blood lineage, and saving her bloodline from a holocaust.

Genre: Action

Actor: Silvana Caminiti, Elle Beyer, Lon Beyer, Tori Miller

Director: Lon Beyer

Country: United States

Duration: 72 min

Quality: HDRip

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7